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All about Kickboxing

With incorporation with other sports, there is no doubt that kickboxing is intensifying and interesting type of martial arts. It is somewhat similar with boxing; however, in boxing, only the fists and arms are allowed to be used. With kickboxing, the players are allowed to use both their feet and arms. Due to this, it is no wonder that it is called as the full-contact type of sport.

The type and origins of kickboxing

Japan was the first country that introduced kickboxing. It incorporates the mixture of Tae Kwon Do, karate, and boxing. Hence, kickboxing exists in 3 different forms. These are the Japanese style, European style, and American style. Continue on reading this article so that you will know the different forms better.

Boxers and trainers make up the Japanese boxing, which consist of different forms. There is usually 5 rounds in every match and every round would last for three minutes. The fighters are permitted to use their elbows and knees when they would attack. The attacks are permitted to land anywhere but the fighters must not attack the crotch. Head butting, throwing, and pushing are not allowed.

In terms of the American way of kickboxing, the players are allowed to utilize their hands and feet during attacks but they have to ensure that these attacks must land above the hips. The fighters must not attack their opponent’s shins and knees and elbow strikes are not allowed too. Before the initiation of the match, the fighters and promoters have to come altogether in order to discuss all the pertaining rules and regulations that have to be established. The match is comprised of 10-12 rounds with each round having 2-3 minutes each. Between every round, there’s a 1 minute break in between.

For the European kickboxing, there will be 5 rounds in every match, with 3 minutes each. In every attack, the fighters are permitted to utilize their thighs and knees. Kicking somewhere below the belt is permitted but the crotch must not be the target. Moreover, fighters aren’t supposed to do head butts and pushes for the entire duration of the match.

Cardio kickboxing

A lot of people would like to have fit bodies. This is why people of different kinds (e.g. politicians, celebrities, etc.) would like to do kickboxing as their daily exercise. Cardio kickboxing is comprised of aerobics, martial arts, and boxing. The typical movements consist of kicking, punching, and other forms of martial arts related techniques.

In regards with cardio kickboxing, you don’t actually need to face an opponent. The exercise is aiming in trimming down your body. When you engage in this exercise, you would have the opportunity to burn 400 calories every hour.

So, what do you think you must wait for? Start looking for a kickboxing studio and register now!

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